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A Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Part One, Wild Wood

As my essay, “From Punks to Pirates,” may suggest, I am prone to craft rock and roll metaphors. I believe that I have entered my Wild Wood period. What is Wild Wood? For most of my life, recording artist Paul Weller has been a steady presence. In 1993, Paul Weller reemerged after disbanding his popular group, The Style Council, whose sound had grown stale. A decade earlier, he had disbanded The Jam. Pitched as a spokesman for his (Punk) generation, in the early 1990s, Weller found himself without a record label and on his own. He recorded an LP in 1992 and began to tour. It did not sell particularly well, but he got back to basics, rediscovered the guitar and perhaps himself, and then in 1993 recorded Wild Wood. It is, perhaps, his finest and most unexpected work.
Earlier this year, I stepped down as the Executive Director for Slow Food USA. My current work is described elsewhere on this site. Six-years earlier, I had left the organization I had founded in New Orleans, Market Umbrella,…

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