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We're All Pirates Now

With the pressure to provide unique insights that help others navigate the current coronavirus uncertainty, I can honestly report that I have no clue what’s next. Having lived through disaster and the infrastructure collapse and trauma that follow, I am the first to declare that no two disasters are alike. Whereas hurricanes and tornados come quickly, they are followed by the joyous reconvening of community. With the COVID19’s great hibernation, it keeps us suspended and apart. It has the potential to be its own virus. Regardless, there are ample signs of communities doing what they do best, when confronted with a vacuum of leadership: mutual aid. Herein lies the conundrum of our moment: Government better get acting big, and we as inhabitants of immediate territories must embrace the small, the immediate proximities of our lives. 
Channeling Star Trek (via Emily St. John Mandel’s memorable post-pandemic novel, Station Eleven), “To Survive Is Not Enough.” Embrace uncertainty with creati…

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