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A Sneak Peak of Lunch Money, the Film

The global model of endless growth extracts resources, knowledge and wealth from rural communities. It's either get big, or get out. But what if, instead, big ideas worked to regenerate local wealth? This rough-cut preview of the Kevin McCaffrey/Richard McCarthy film, Lunch Money, explores innovative strategies being deployed in rural Mississippi that open up new markets: Lunch in New Orleans schools. While still only a kernel of an idea, this reinvention of direct trade routes between rural farmers and urban schools represents a major shift from current policies and practices. Schools have abandoned scratch cooking, fresh ingredients, and local food traditions and seasons.

Working with the Edible School Yard New Orleans, farmer Ben Burkett is rekindling direct contact with schools and their students. Alice Waters reimagines school lunch as an academic subject. How would this work? How do we mitigate the risks to shift economies for these new opportunities that mutually benefit ur…

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