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  • “How You Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm?” Read
  • “Hello Europe! Goodbye Europe!” Read
  • “A Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Part One, Wild Wood” Read
  • “Going Meatless Shouldn't Be a Drag” Read
  • “Dear Mayor _______ , Why Don’t You Leverage Markets Like Sadiq Khan? Read
  • “Are Small Rural Communities Doomed? Read
  • “Learning Market and Festival Techniques from Japan” Read
  • A Marshall Plan for Rural America: School Supported Agriculture Read 
  • “Can You Have Your Steak and Eat it Too?” Read
  • “From Punks to Pirates: Placing Farmers Markets in a Tradition of Resistance” Read 
  • “Bathing Together and the Search for Skinship” Read

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  • Lunch Money: A New Marshall Plan for Rural America (September 2019 rough-cut) Raising funds for the final short-version (20 min) Watch

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  • “Meat the Change with Ark of Taste Pumpkin Risotto,” to kick off the global campaign featuring Meatless Monday recipes that promote biodiversity for Slow Food International (17 January 2020) Read
  • “Anche Meatless Monday Aderisce a Meat the Change: Il Cambiamento Parte dei Legume” to launch the Meat the Change campaign in Italy (7 November 2019)  Read (Italian)
  • “Goodbye to Folco,” commemorating the death of Folco Portinari, author of the Slow Food Manifesto, originally for Slow Food USA (23 January 2019) Read
  • “The Unraveling of the Industrial Food System Must Be a Key Goal of a Lasting Food Movement,” writing for the motion presented at the 2016 James Beard Foundation Food Conference, against Sam Kass (18 October 2016) Watch 
  • “Marketing the Fertel Crescent: The Reinvention of the Public Market Tradition in New Orleans” a chapter in the book, Food & Drink: The Cultural Context (Sloan, Donald, edit, Goodfellows Publishers, UK) ISBN: 978-1-9089999-03-0 (September 2013) Purchase book
  • “Evaluating the Social, Financial and Human Capital Impact of Farmers Markets” for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Community Affairs Conference (22 April 2011) Read
  • “Cultivating Community in Public Markets after Katrina” for TEDxNOLA (17 November 2010) Watch


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