Upcoming Opportunities to Hear Me Speak

7-9 October 2019 <> National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL
   > Navigating Disaster: How local food system agility revives and comforts community and the economy after natural disasters (Exact Time & Date TBD) The Summit provides a unique networking opportunity for direct agricultural market practitioners to form new partnerships and learn new business strategies that can improve the performance of their farms and businesses. I am delighted to reconnect with longtime collaborator, Darlene Wolnik, for this session. With cascading natural disasters increasingly the norm, it is imperative to learn from local food system intermediaries that have responded swiftly and creatively to restart commerce amidst chaos. Tents, umbrellas, the introduction of Disaster SNAP all contribute to restoring a sense of normalcy and agency among communities afflicted by trauma. Learn from civil society, governmental and for-profit collaboratives to deputize leaders in marginal communities of producers and consumers, deliver mental health help, and restore economic activity far ahead of the brick and mortar economy. Examples include: Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Japan. Ticketed event

22 October 2019 <> Japan Society Public Forum, New York City
   > Embrace Rural, Why it Matters: (6:00 - 9pm) From Nebraska to Niigata, rural communities are being neglected out of existence. Rural life is giving way to the muscular expansion of the megacity. And yet, those of us who inhabit places like New York and Tokyo are dependent on rural areas for the energy we consume and the food we eat, and crave a little green corner of the planet to breathe clean air and enjoy the natural environment. Are we dismissing rural communities at our peril? With more than 50 years of experience between them, two key leaders in rural reinvention, Tsuyoshi Sekihara, founder, Kamiechigo Yamazato Fan Club in Joetsu, Niigata and Janet Topolsky, Executive Director, Community Strategies Group, Aspen Institute in Washington, DC, share their experience and insights. They are joined by Richard McCarthy, Slow Food International, and the evening's moderator, New Food Economy editor, Kate Cox. Co-organized by the New Food Economy, School of Design Strategies, Parsons School of Design; Slow Food New York City; and the Japan Society Innovators Network. Tickets $10/$8 members, followed by a reception. 

Recent Engagements

20 July 2019 <> Slow Food Nations, Denver, CO
   > The Delicious Revolution: (2:00 - 3:30pm) Join fourth generation farmer, Ben Burkett; Berkeley's Counterculture Cook, Alice Waters; Kitchen Sister Davia Nelson, and me to explore the intersection of guerrilla gardens, school-supported agriculture, seasonal cooking and the power of sharing food — and how these create social and environmental change.  Slow Food Summits offer the opportunity to explore Where Tradition Meets Innovation. The summit begins with a one-hour talk followed by a 30-minute social gathering over small bites and/or beverages related to the conversation. Ticketed event: $50
  > A Meatless Monday Meet Up: (12:30 - 1:30pm) Learn of new ways to promote Ark of Taste grains and vegetables, traditional foods and the adventure of eating that makes meat reduction a joy. Join the international Slow Food community of Meatless Monday Ambassadors by joining peers, sharing ideas via the Meatless Monday Global platform — from Charleston to Chengdu, from Denver to Dar es Salaam. We're ready for you with tools to change the menu in your workplace, restaurant, school or home. Here's your chance to convert simple changes in behavior into systemic change that positively impacts biodiversity, climate, animal welfare and human health. Free and open to the public

   > From Disaster to Dessert: Using Public Markets to Restore Normalcy and Social Cohesion after Disaster (drawing on experiences in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, the BP oil spill, and the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Ticketed event

1 April 2019 <> Raising Meat: College Station, TX
   > The New Food Economy and Karen Karp and Associates facilitated an important one-day conversation about what it means to produce and eat meat in America today. Ticketed event

30 November - 2 December 2018 <> Improvisation: New Orleans' Gift to the Modern World: New Orleans, LA
   > You can view my conversation with Alice Waters, Davia Nelson and Ben Burkett in the Culinary Kick-Off; and my role in The Dark Side of Improv: Politics with Matt Weurker, Gwen Tompkins, and Rob Walker (via these video recordings). Ticketed event

29 October 2018 <> Public Forum: Tokyo, Japan
   > Challenges in Regional Revitalization Insights from American and Japanese Rural Innovators at The Sacred Heart Global Plaza and organized by the Japan Society Innovators Network and the NPO Center of Japan. Free and open to the public

25 October 2018 <> Public Forum: When Local Wisdom Goes Global
   > Faculty, staff and partners of the Social Cooperation Promotion Mechanism, Institute for International Relations, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation at Ehime University joined with visiting rural innovators from the United States to share best practices. Organized by the Japan Society Innovators Network and the NPO Center of Japan with Ehime University. Free and open to the public


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